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Living with diabetes is hard. We know that, don’t we? ;)

But what about policy-makers in the US tasked with evaluating and approving better drugs and treatments for diabetes? Lets start talking to the FDA to tell them what living with diabetes is really like – and with 29 million of us living with the disease (in the United States alone!), it’s about time to make a change.



On Monday, November 3rd from 1-4EST (THIS COMING MONDAY!), you can tune in live for an unprecedented discussion between patients and FDA leadership on the unmet needs in diabetes. I will be among the 9 patients in an afternoon panel (2:15 PM-3:00 PM), and also we will be joined by our Lead Administrator on TuDiabetes, Brian (BSC), who lives with type 2 diabetes, but please make sure to tune in for the full program, and tell everyone you can about it too.

Please register at and join the conversation with leaders in the US government about how to make living with this easier. It’s about having less painful insertion sites and injections, dealing with gaining weight and needing to lose it, making meals work, access to affordable and smart drugs and tools, and having reliable meters and strips and pumps that work for you. But really, it’s also about being able to sleep at night, and the many more things we know to cross our minds in connection with diabetes management.

But if enough people don’t log in and if we don’t show that we care, then how will the FDA realize just how important the patient perspective is? Let’s change that on November 3rd at 1:00pm EST. It’s online - register here and tune in for all, or even just a part of the discussion – because if we don’t stand up for better treatments in diabetes, then who will?

Register. Watch. And make an impact for everyone living with diabetes.


– Manny Hernandez
Living with diabetes since 2002,
Co-Founder of Diabetes Hands Foundation, the nonprofit responsible for TuDiabetes

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