About Us

Diabetes Advocates is a program of Diabetes Hands Foundation that connects, educates, and supports advocates dedicated to improving the lives of people living with diabetes.

We believe patient needs should at the heart of healthcare decision-making and innovation. Diabetes Advocates empowers community members to advocate for themselves and their community, and become catalysts of change.

Being a diabetes advocate is not limited to political activism at the national level. Advocacy occurs on individual and community levels too — in the workplace, within a school district, at the doctor’s office, on Facebook, via a startup, or by leading a project. Advocates vocalize the patient perspective and help develop innovative solutions. There are diverse and limitless ways to improve the diabetes space.

Our Work

roundtableWe act as a liaison between patients, non-profits, industry leaders, academics, policymakers, and leaders. We work to have the patient voice is present at stakeholder meetings, and that information from those meetings is shared with our community. 

Our annual MasterLab conference empowers people touched by diabetes to identify the causes that speak to them, develop a powerful skillset, and succeed in implementing positive changes for the community. We have formed a vast international network of active diabetes advocates and have become a trusted voice in healthcare discussions.

maindhflogoOur online Hub focuses on building and educating a larger, more diverse network of advocates and providing them with opportunities to engage in issues they care about. The Hub provides up-to-date information drawing from local and international patient-centered healthcare initiatives.

Diabetes Advocates is a program of Diabetes Hands Foundation, a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We thank you for your support so we can continue supporting advocates.