Amazing Afrezza – Non


I cant wait to get my next A1C test done (who says that?! but its true). I am now two-plus months into my use of new inhaled insulinAfrezza, and frankly Im blown away by how well it performs (ooh, pun!)

Ive been hesitant to be too much of a cheerleader for Afrezza, because I thought maybe I was experiencing beginners luck the thrill of any shiny new diabetes treatment can wear off pretty quickly and given how controversial this drug is, I didnt want to stir the pot unnecessarily.

But sorry Naysayers, Afrezza is the bomb. At least for me.

The Joys of Rapidity

As Ive noted, the rapid-on/rapid-off function of this insulin is a real game-changer, IMHO. Ive heard people saying for years that our so-called fast-acting insulins are too slow, but I never realized how much that fact is the crux of struggling with the glucose roller-coaster until now.

When you suddenly have something that peaks within an hour, and is out of your system almost immediately thereafter, you become keenly aware that most of the highs and lows of the past were caused by peak insulin action not matching up with peak glucose absorption, and by the insulin lingering in your bloodstream long after you needed it.