Bacteria in Hospitals – From Strips?


( Bacteria hides in hospitals in some unexpected places. Every day, more than 200 Americans die due to healthcare-associated hospital infections[1]and about 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection[2].Following are six places where bacteria hide in the hospitals and ways to prevent the bacteria from infecting you.

Glucose testing stripsBacteria have been found in between 25%[6]and 78%[7]of hospital test strips used to monitor people with diabetes and other patients, such as pregnant women, who need their blood sugar monitored.Because blood glucose testing is one of the most commonly performed tests in acute care hospitals[8], contamination of these strips may put millions of patientsat greater risk of contracting colds, flusand possibly even hepatitis B2and MRSA2each year.Solution: Request health care professionals open a new vial of test strips for you orindividually foil-wrapped test strips, FreeStyle Precision Pro system, minimizes the risk of contamination.