Bernard Farrell of Diabetes Daily

Bernard Farrell of Diabetes Daily
Type 1 Diabetes, September 1972

Im a long time software engineer focused on user interfaces. I use my experiences to suggest improvements to the design of diabetes technology.

Bernard Farrell

My experience in software user interface design and Diabetes technology uniquely qualifies me to find ways to improve the design of new and existing Diabetes technology.

We can make living with Diabetes easier by making it simpler and more fun to manage the minutes, hours and days. We must be able to take a more holistic view so the months, years, and decades are also easier and better. This requires a system-wide view. Not just data from meters, pumps, and CGMs. This must tie into food, exercise, travel and living factors so people can see why things are happening, improves their future and make Diabetes take a back row to living.