Four of our Advocates, featured on

Four of our Advocates were featured on; Amy, Karen, Kerri and Riva. Check it out here!

What its called:Diabetes Mine

Who its for: The insulin user interested in life with diabetes and larger issues affecting the community.

Why we like it: This eclectic blog features guest posts from doctors and other experts and has multi-part series on topics such as technology and social media. Theres even a little medical history thrown in.

What its called:Bitter~Sweet

Who its for: Insulin takers who use a pump and those who dont; knitters or wannabe knitters. (Karen includes a link to her knitting and crocheting blog.)

Why we like it: Karen shares honestly about the jitters she experienced first going on the pump (she got over it).

The blog has an upbeat approach, hence the tag: because life with diabetes isnt all bad. And lots of encouraging comments from readers.

What its called:Six Until Me

Who its for: People who could use a jolt of feel-good along with their diabetes info.

Why we like it: Kerri Morrone Sparling blogs about the emotional and physical aspects of type 1 diabetes. (She was diagnosed at age 6.)

Her writing is funny and moving, and covers everything from coping with hyperglycemia to managing insulin during pregnancy.

What its called:Diabetes Stories

Who its for: People wanting real-world advice, including motivational tips and food strategies.

Why we like it: Type 1 diabetic Riva Greenberg shares information and links to diabetes-related events, books, places, and games.

In addition, this book author surveys users about their own success in managing the condition.