The Diabetic’s Corner Booth

Mike Hoskins of The Diabetics Corner Booth
Type 1 Diabetes, March 1984

The Diabetics Corner Booth is where I tell my own Diabetes story; connecting with an entire community, sharing the Highs, Lows and everything in between.

The Diabetics Corner Booth

Im thirty two years old and have been living with Type 1 Diabetes since March 1984, when I was five years old. My mom is also a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at the same young age.

Originally from Michigan, my wife and I have been living in the Indianapolis area for about seven years and I work as a journalist at a statewide legal newspaper. Ive been periodically writing about Diabetes online for about a decade first on listservs and community forums, then on a MySpace blog before eventually starting my own free blog in late 2005. It was mostly to keep up with friends and family as I moved around and only touched on Diabetes periodically, but eventually after reading more D-focused blogs online that became my focus in 2009.

Now, The Diabetics Corner Booth is my own little corner of the world online where I can tell my story of how Diabetes has affected my life and how its changed since Ive learned I wasnt alone. This is where I can share all the Highs and Lows and everything in between through the eyes of a journalist living with Type 1 for twenty seven years now.

Aside from writing and advocating, Im also serving on the board of directors for the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana and volunteering with outreach for the Indiana chapters of the JDRF and American Diabetes Association.