Changing Guard at the Diabetes Hands Foundation

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Big changes are underway at the Diabetes Hands Foundation, with the recent news that beloved community leader Manny Hernandez is stepping down from the helm of the organization he founded with his wife Andreina seven years ago. Whoa!

Longtime D-advocate Melissa Lee will be taking over, at least temporarily, as interim executive director. Shes been involved in TuDiabetes and the DHF since nearly the start, and has been a part of Manny and Melissa pretty much all the great things the org is known for the TuDiabetes support community, the Big Blue Test fundraising campaign, the Diabetes Advocates network, and the D-advocacy training camp called MasterLab. Its tough to capture the impact all of this work has accomplished in the D-Community and beyond.

DiabetesMinehad the chance to chat with Manny and Melissa recently, when Dallas-based Melissa was in town visiting the San Francisco Bay Area offices of DHF. It was a very laid-back and fun interview, to say the least. Readwhat they had to say: