New “Rescue” Glucagon


At global ATTD conference, scientists also share new insight on severe hypoglycemia in older adults with type 1 diabetes an emerging challenge as patients live longer

PARIS, February 18, 2015 Research fromT1D Exchangescientists presented at theAdvanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD)international conference heralds a new approach to glucagon delivery for rescue treatment for diabetes-related severe hypoglycemia. Researchers also presented data that sheds light on individuals with type 1 diabetes perhaps most at risk for this potentially fatal complication the elderly.

Preliminary clinical trial data have demonstrated that a new, user-friendly, needle-free nasal glucagon delivery system is as effective as the traditional injected form of glucagon. Known as Glucagon Nasal Powder and developed by Locemia Solutions it represents a major step in advancing a treatment that has been largely unchanged for roughly 25 years. (more)