Dexcom on Artificial Pancreas

Dexcom commented onArtificial Pancreas in their most recent call. More than we can abstract buy here is a sample:


As we sit here today and as weve sat here for the past several years our message has been CGM first that making CGM systems more and more accurate and reliable and better tools to support artificial pancreas and were comfortable with our product pipeline. The question then becomes how do we play in the sensor augmented pump arena. Somebody side early Tandem announce a threshold suspend device yesterday.

We know J&J has on-going efforts. There are lots of efforts going on. We wont sit and let somebody else control our faith forever if nobody does this we will give more involved if we see a product that is going very, very well. We havent found anything that we wanted to commit to yet. We support all the artificial pancreas programs or sensors. We support our pump partners, but were cognize of it, some were cognizant of

The fact that we need to play here. Weve got the best sensor in World. Our patients are going to love this. Were going to have to offer something to them.

And(DA note: we think we heard him say closed*, and think there are smalltranscriptionerrors in the following, not to say that they may not initially be costly too.)

We met with several groups utilizing G4, CGM and developing closely*and partially close with our efficient pancreas type systems.

And a significant progress has been made by many of these groups, but the pathway to commercialization for many of these projects remains unclear and we will continually evaluate our own path to the artificial pancreas closely.

With the worlds most accurate and reliable CGM system we intend to play in this arena. We left the meeting very confident that with execution of our plant, product portfolio we will remain the worlds leader in continues glucose monitoring.

With our new insertion system, the G6 and other advanced sensor platforms, expanding connectivity with user-friendly apps and the ability to perform advanced analytics, one CGM and other diabetes data is in the cloud we believe we are position to lead this industry for a very, very long time.