Diabetes Advocate in NPR Medical Apps Story

Diabetes Advocate Bernard Farrell is feature in a NPRs All Things Considered story on medical apps an the FDA:

Bernard Farrell obsesses over every bite he eats, every minute of exercise he gets, and everything that stresses him out. And, more than anything else, Farrell obsesses over his blood sugar.

He has to. Farrell, 55, has Type 1 diabetes.

Pretty much everything affects our blood sugar, says Farrell, of Littleton, Mass.

So Farrell recently started using his phone to help him make sense of all the information he collects all day long. I use a couple of pieces of software on my Android phone, mostly to track blood glucose readings, and also to help me figure out the number of carbohydrates in some food I might be eating, he said. Because I have to know that in order to give myself the right amount of insulin.

More here:http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/07/10/155977692/when-does-an-app-need-fdas-blessing