Diabetes Advocates Conference Scholarships

The Diabetes Advocates is proud to announce that we are offering scholarships to some of our program members to attend diabetes conferences this summer thanks to the generous support of Novo Nordisk. The list includes many long-time advocates and some newer advocates alike.

Congratulations to all of the scholarship winners and we hope you have a very educational and fun time attending!

74th Scientific Sessions of American Diabetes Association

Friends For Life (Full-week Scholarship)

Diabetes Advocates MasterLab at Friends For Life

American Association of Diabetes Educators Conference

7 thoughts on “Diabetes Advocates Conference Scholarships

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  3. natsera on said:

    So grateful that these scholarships were offered. I want to work with AADE to help them accept the fact that we, as patients have expertise and can help with the shortage of CDEs that they foresee in the future decades. I would like to do a lot of networking and talking about how they can meet the needs of people with diabetes who have not had adequate access to care.

  4. AlizaChanaZaleon on said:

    I am forever grateful to DA and DHF for the scholarship to Friends for Life! I am still soaking in all of the information, and it was an incredible experience for me, as was the MasterLab for my advocacy work!

  5. Sue Rericha on said:

    I’d like to add my thanks for the scholarship received to attend MasterLab. A month later I am still feeling the enthusiasm from the event and look forward to what more we can accomplish.

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