Diabetes Online Community: It’s Time for HCPs to ‘Click OPEN’ the DOC’s Door

by Hope Warshaw
PRESENT Diabetes
Contributing Nutrition Editor

The beginning of a New Year is always a good time to open your eyes and mind to explore new ways to help people with diabetes (PWDs). In this Nutri-Zine, Ill discuss how we healthcare providers/educators (HCPs) can expose our clients to the explodingDiabetes Online Community, lovingly called, The DOC. Over the last couple of years, Ive had the honor and pleasure to meet and interact with several key DOC leaders. Suffice to say they are an AWESOME, PASSIONATE and DEDICATED group of people (most of them are people with diabetes or the parent or spouse of a PWD). It has been heartwarming and inspiring for me to observe the web theyve woven. Readmore.