Forbes: Novo Nordisk On Diversity In Diabetes Trials: “We Could Do Better”


Novo Nordiskis one of the worlds top makers of diabetes drugssales of its products to treat the disease rose 7% last year to $12.5 billionbut recently the company recognized it had a problem: The racial diversity in its clinical trials did not fully reflect that of the population it serves.

We feel we cover what the FDA is asking for, because the ethnic makeup ofNovo Nordisks U.S. trials generally mirrors the 2010 census, says Kate Owen, the companys vice president of clinical trial management. That being said, we still felt we could do better.

So now Novo is piloting a program in Washington, DC, aimed at boosting the population of minorities in its clinical trials for drugs to treat type 2 diabetes. Its a multi-pronged plan that involves reaching out to community health clinics and other providers that dont normally participate in clinical trials, and educating physicians about the benefits their patients might reap from volunteering for research. We have an opportunity to improve how we reach out into the community, Owen says.