ReplaytheSecondDiabetesAdvocatesMasterLab July 7 & 8, 2015

July 7 - MasterLab Summit - "A More Effective Advocate"

July 8 -Focus Groups Hills, Bills, Feels, & Appeals

  • Focus Group: Sustaining Your Advocacy Manny Hernandez, Co-Founder of Diabetes Hands Foundation, Senior Vice President,Customer Experience, Livongo Health
  • Focus Group: Psychosocial and Mental Health AdvocacyMarina Tsaplina, Executive and Artistic Director, The Betes Organization
  • Focus Group Diabetes Advocacy Lesson Learned from Staples and Spinal TapBennet Dunlap and Christel Aprigliano, Diabetes Patient AdvocacyCoalition
  • Focus Group How to Appeal a DenialMelissa Lee, Interim Executive Director, Diabetes Hands Foundation,Cherise Shockley, CEO, Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation,Marla Hogle, Customer Service, Dexcom

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