MasterLab 2015 Agenda

July 7 - MasterLab Summit - "A More Effective Advocate"

8:00-9:00              Breakfast

9:00-9:15              Opening Remarks & Icebreaker

Melissa Lee, Interim Executive Director, Diabetes Hands Foundation 

9:15-10:00           Opening Keynote

Finding (Y)Our Voice – Speaking Up and Speaking Out for (Y)Our Diabetes Community

Tom Boyer, Director, Government Affairs, Novo Nordisk

Presentation and audience participation will follow a case study in effective advocacy from a personal diabetes and community objective.  Utilizing audience input the moderator will suggest where action, opportunities and challenges in the current advocacy agenda for families impacted by diabetes reside.  Upon identifying options to help families impacted by diabetes, participants will have the chance to determine for themselves how to engage those responsible for charting a path forward in helping people with diabetes in America and worldwide.  Come ready to share and learn while also expecting to have your opinions on the state of diabetes advocacy challenged.

10:00-10:30        Session

Alert the Media! (Now What?) – creating the opportunity to be heard and making an impact once you do

Stacey Simms, Broadcaster, Blogger, and Host of Diabetes Connections podcast

From local TV news to radio shows to newspaper and hyper-local news websites, long-time broadcaster Stacey Simms explains how to get media attention and then make the most of it. An insider’s look at how newsrooms work and an explanation of best ways to utilize different forms of broadcast/print & online media. It’s easier than you think!

10:30-11:00        Session

Narrative and Social Movements

Marina Tsaplina, Founder, Executive and Artistic Director, The Betes Organization

The presentation will introduce research by sociologists on the uses and limitations of narrative and story to affect change in social movements. This will then be applied to explore existing narratives, opportunities for narrative, and specific examples from within the diabetes ecosphere.

11:00-11:15        Activity: Using What We’ve Learned

11:15-11:30        Break: Social Media Prompt #1

11:30-12:00        Session

Just Be Yourself: Building Your Brand to Advocate for a Cause

Amy O’Connor, Senior Director, Digital & Social Media Communications, Eli Lilly & Company

One of the exceptional minds behind Lilly’s Digital Advocacy Institute and a gifted social media maven, Amy will explore how we maintain our identity online while championing the causes we care about.

12:00-12:30        Session

Leveraging the Power of Twitter via Hashtags and Data Analytics

Thomas Lee, Managing Partner, The Fox Group, LLC & Partner Symplur, LLC

Exploration of leveraging Twitter as a means of creating community, spreading a message, and demonstrating ROI. Topics to be addressed will include …

– Why Twitter?
– The problem with Twitter.
– The Healthcare Hashtag Project.
– What we expected wasn’t what we found.
– Emergence of the patient voice.
– What we can learn from healthcare social media data.
– Using social media analytics to improve strategy.
– Where all this is going.

12:30-1:30           Lunch (in Fiesta 6): Social Media Prompt #2

1:30-2:00              Session

Completing Our Missions: Crafting Powerful Messages for Powerful Audiences

Emily Coles, Head of Communities, Diabetes Hands Foundation

We’ll hear an advocacy message as packaged for a recent audience of women state legislators, but we’ll also learn what went on behind the scenes as Emily crafted that presentation and how she kept her audience in mind throughout the process.

2:00-2:30              Session

Diabetes Action Plans, State Level Policy

Andrew Zebrak, Executive Director, Government Affairs & Public Policy, Boehringer Ingelheim 

Andrew will highlight state Diabetes Action Plan legislation, discussing how we can engage on this legislation or other proposals and the potential impact from it.

2:30-2:45              Break: Social Media Prompt #3

2:45-3:15              Session

Federal Advocacy Best Practices and Medicare CGM

Melissa Schooley, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Medtronic

Melissa will walk through emerging best practices in federal advocacy, including grassroots and alliance development, highlighting a success story at the state level. She will also present on the activities building to the introduction of the Medicare CGM Access Act and the partnership with the Medicare CGM Coalition.

3:15-3:45              Session

Launching Your Advocacy Idea

Kim Vlasnik, Founder, You Can Do This Project, Blogger, Texting My Pancreas

Kim will share stories, anecdotes, advice, and ideas about starting and growing a diabetes advocacy project. You’ll hear the backstory on her successful initiative – the You Can Do This Project – and learn how to take a cause you’re passionate about and turn it into something worth pursuing. You Can Do This, too.

3:45-4:15              Closing Keynote

Kenneth P. Moritsugu, MD, MPH,

former VP of Global Professional Education & Strategic Relations, Johnson & Johnson’s Diabetes Solutions Companies, acting Surgeon General 2006-2007

4:15-4:30              Closing Remarks

Melissa Lee, Interim Executive Director, Diabetes Hands Foundation 

4:30-6:00              MasterLab After Hours

Please join us for a networking reception immediately following sessions.

July 8 - Focus Groups – “Hills, Bills, Feels, & Appeals”

8:00-9:00              Breakfast

9:00-10:30 (two options)

Focus Group (in Fiesta 5)

Sustaining Your Advocacy

Manny Hernandez, Co-Founder of Diabetes Hands Foundation, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Livongo Health

Whether you’re new to leading your advocacy army or you’ve been marching uphill for what feels like too long, sustaining your advocacy for the long haul is a challenge. Knowing how to recognize and deal with burnout as an advocate and learning how and when to take your initiative or nonprofit to the next level are critical to your success. Learn from leader and visionary Manny Hernandez about how to get over that next hill.

Focus Group (in Fiesta 6)

Psychosocial and Mental Health Advocacy

Marina Tsaplina, Executive and Artistic Director, The Betes Organization

In this session the goal will be to create a dynamic conversation around the interplay of mental and physical health, and as a group come to investigate the question: “What is empowerment?”. Research on public perception of mental health/illness will be shared, including effective strategies to ameliorate and transform stigma. We will share personal narratives as well as break apart the narrative of the “activated patient.”

10:30-11:00        Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 (two options)

Focus Group (in Fiesta 5)

Diabetes Advocacy – Lesson Learned from Staples and Spinal Tap

Bennet Dunlap and Christel Aprigliano, Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition

In the current policy environment the squeaky wheel is going to get cut less. The non-squeaky wheels are going to get crushed, so people with diabetes need to turn the advocacy volume up to 11. But we all know that just taking care of diabetes is a time major suck already, advocacy is just another demand on time that people don’t have. Diabetes needs an “Easy Button.” Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) is it. DPAC will keep track of issues, opportunities, and how to contact officials and make it easy to advocate.

Focus Group (in Fiesta 6)

How to Appeal a Denial

Melissa Lee, Interim Executive Director, Diabetes Hands Foundation

Cherise Shockley, CEO, Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation

Marla Hogle, Customer Service, Dexcom

The complicated world of private and public payers requires patients to know how the system works in order to make a case for access to the tools, drugs, and education that they need in order to live well. Come learn from patients and insurance professionals who’ve won access battles and have the scars to prove it.

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