Medtronic teams with IBM’s Watson

ARMONK, NY and DUBLIN April 13, 2015IBM (NYSE:IBM) andMedtronic(NYSE: MDT) today announced that they will work together to combine powerful analytics and cognitive computing with diabetes medical devices and health data to develop a new generation of personalized diabetes management solutions. People using Medtronic diabetes solutions could benefit from new solutions developed in collaboration with IBMs newly-formed Watson Healthunit.

With diabetes device data continuously gathered and analyzed in real-time, information can be anonymously combined with numerous other sources of data such as electronic medical records, health insurance claims and population health data to uncover patterns and predict health risks using advanced analytics models. IBM and Medtronic are exploring ways to develop diabetes care management solutions that will optimize patient outcomes and health economics, leveraging Medtronics devices and care management offerings, including therapies and coaching, and IBMs Watson Health Cloud platform.

In addition, the two companies also expect to develop near real-time, dynamic personalized care plans that provide decision support for health care providers and their patients with the goal of improving care efficiency and outcomes. IBM and Medtronic will also jointly explore ways to leverage IBMs Watson platform to improve Medtronic and partners closed loop algorithms, which intend to mimic the function of a healthy pancreas.