OmniPod Talks Artificial Pancreas on Earning Call

OmniPods CEO spoke of artificial pancreas in Q&A at the most recent earnings call:

From Seeking Alpha:

Patrick Sullivan President & CEO
Yes, I would say our strategy is that as it relates to the artificial pancreas, we are putting together strategy so that OmniPod is a very significant part of the artificial pancreas product offering in the future. And with that you need to have a CGM product offering, as well as an offering to put the three units together if you will, and as you know we have been working internally on our own CGM development which continues but also we have an agreement with already have an agreement with Dexcom to use their CGM sensor along with our new PDM to integrate that those two products together, and I think with that combination used in algorithm and were looking at opportunities to have an algorithm that we could then provide the full package. Id also say that we would evaluate and look at opportunities with Abbott and others that would have potential CGM integration opportunities for us. So in the short term were looking at other people that have CGM capabilities and algorithm capability, but at the same time we are continuing at a low level our own efforts in our own CGM product development.