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Diabetes Social Media Advocacy

Cherise Shockley of Diabetes Social Media AdvocacyType 1.5 Diabetes (LADA), June 2004 Twitter Chat/BlogTalk Radio: Simple questions, thought provoking responses, strengthening the Diabetes Community one tweet and episode at a time. Diabetes Social Media Advocacy Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA) connects, support, and educates people living with Diabetes by encouraging open and meaningful discussion of […]

Diabetes in Spain

Mike Young of Diabetes in SpainType 1 Diabetes, April 1998 A Pancreatically Challenged being, who works in Healthcare Social Media & Diabetes Advocating via his Diabetes in Spain website. Diabetes in Spain Healthcare Social Media Consulting bringing together brand awareness, reputation management and user engagement. Diabetes Advocacy in Spain and Europe.

Diabetes Dad

Tom Karlya of Diabetes DadSon; Type 1 Diabetes, 2009Daughter; Type 1 Diabetes, 1992 VP of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Diabetes Dad writes about living as a parent in a world of Diabetes and his unyielding pursuit of a cure. Diabetes Dad Tom Karla has been active in Diabetes causes since his daughter, Kaitlyn, was […]

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Managing diabetes type 1, type 2, gestational, or any other form can be tricky by itself. When you add in the enormous changes that the female body goes through during pregnancy, diabetes management can seem downright impossible but it is not, and I hope I can help put your mind at ease about whats in […]

Diabetes Advocates Offer Assistance in Accurate Reporting in the Media

Did you know there are more than five different types of diabetes? If your knowledge of diabetes is defined by what you hear and see on the news or in movies then you probably dont. Diabetes Advocates, a nonprofit program made up of influential members of the diabetes community has launched a media outreach campaign, […]

Depression and Diabetes

Diabetes Advocates urge more awareness about depression. There is an urgent need for more effective and efficient depression treatments in diabetes. If someones living with diabetes, studies show he or she is twice as likely to be depressed compared to a person without diabetes. But whats even more depressing is that only about 5% of […]


Leighann Calentine of D-Mom BlogDaughter; Type 1 Diabetes, May 2008 The sweet life with a diabetic child. Hear our story of counting carbs, carrying juice boxes, and navigating school & sports with our active daughter. D-Mom Blog D-Mom Blog is a website for parents raising children with Type 1 Diabetes. We count carbs, we carry […]

Christel Marchand Aprigliano

Former host of diabeticfeed, a podcast about diabetes and diabetes research. Former dlife.com contributor. Former non-profit executive. Now? Plotting. Author of ThePerfectD T1 since 1983. Wife since 2007. Mom since 2011. Perfect since never.

Cheryl Alkon

Cheryl Alkon, AuthorType 1 Diabetes, August 1977 The insiders guide to preconception, pregnancy, new motherhood and moreall with Type 1/Type 2 Diabetes. Also blog at Managing the Sweetness Within. Managing the Sweetness Within As a longtime journalist who has lived with Type 1 since 1977, I write about pregnancy and Diabetes. My book, Balancing Pregnancy […]

Candy Hearts

Wendy K. Rose, R.N. of Candy HeartsDaughter; Type 1 Diabetes, July 2005 Celiac 2008 The story of one familys journey with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac. Its a sweet adventure full of gluten-free goodies! Candy Hearts Wendys oldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2005, at the age of twenty four months and […]