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DA Members as Resources

babscampbell.wordpress.comBarbara Campbell
Barbaras blog chronicles her journey with diabetes and cancer, and her passion for organic living. She shares her experiences in order to inform, educate and encourage others who may be facing the same situations. Alkon
The insiders guide to preconception, pregnancy, new motherhood and more all with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Published by Demos Health and available on and directly from the authors site.

d-is-for-diabetes.comWilliam Quick
A fabulous website for people with diabetes to learn and to share. Written by health professionals, this site is for beginners, experts, and everyone in between!

danceoutdiabetes.orgTheresa Garnero
Theresa provides resources to prevent and manage diabetes through dance, education, support and access to providers

diabetesdaily.comDavid and Elizabeth Edelman
Diabetes Daily is a support community that helps people with diabetes live healthy, happy and hopeful lives. Participants can ask questions, discover recipes, and learn to manage diabetes successfully Farrell
Bernard offers information on the latest in diabetes technology and device design.

diabeteshf.orgManny Hernandez
Diabetes Hands Foundation believes that the power to spark lasting change in our own lives and the lives of others is in our own hands.

diabeteslivingtoday.comKitty Castellini
Diabetes Living Today brings awareness to the public about diabetes and the devastating complications caused by diabetes.

diabetesmine.comAmy Tenderich and Mike Hoskins
DiabetesMine is a gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people touched by diabetes. The NY Times calls DiabetesMine a respected site that helps you keep up with whats moving and shaking in the diabetes world.

diabetessisters.orgBrandy Barnes, MSW
The mission of DiabetesSisters is to improve the health and quality of life of women with and at risk for diabetes. Signature programs include the Weekend for Women Conference, the orange:will Diabetes Awareness Walk, the PODS Meetup Program, and the SisterMatch Program.

DiabetesStories.comRiva Greenberg helps people live successfully with diabetes by using it as a catalyst to design a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life.

diaTribe.usKelly Close
diaTribe provides research and product news for people with diabetes through our monthly newsletter.

hopewarshaw.comHope Warshaw
Hope Warshaw is a dietitian and diabetes educator with a passion for supporting people with diabetes.

insulindependence.orgBlair Ryan and Peter Nerothin
Fitness and adventure event offerings. The blog features peoples experiences participating with the organization according to its mission: Insulindependence inspires people with diabetes to set personal fitness goals, educates them on adaptive management strategies through hands-on experience, and equips them to explore their individual capacities.

jillweisenberger.comJill Weisenberger
Jill is a dietitian and diabetes educator who is anxious to help others take control of their health.

joybenchmarks.comMarie Smith
Marie Smith is an author and public speaker who lives with diabetes and myasthenia gravis. The mission of Joy Benchmarks is remembering to find joy in the smallest things.

kathy-mynewislets.blogspot.comKathy White
Kathy shares her experience of an islet cell transplant in 2008 and other diabetes related topics.

living-in-progress.comGinger Vieira
Author of Your Diabetes Science Experiment, Ginger Vieira has lived with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease since 1999. She is an online and local Vermont wellness coach, writer, video blogger, speaker and diabetes advocate at Living in Progress. She is the assistant editor at, and Mental Skills Coach for TeamWILD. During 2009 and 2010, she set 15 records in drug-tested powerlifting with her best lifts including a 308 lb. dead lift, 190 lb. bench press, and a 265 lb. squat. Deets
Matthew lives with type 2 Diabetes and Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. He is very interested in the latest assistive technology for both blind people and people with diabetes.

michellelitchman.wordpress.comMichelle Litchman
Michelle is a Family Nurse Practitioner, a diabetes specialist, the founder of Diabetes Mixer, a PhD student, an e-patient supporter, and a social media enthusiast. Naessens
Jamie publishes and curates InkStainD, an e-paper about and for the diabetes community. Featuring bloggers from the diabetes community and beyond, information and stories are delivered in interesting and entertaining ways. Jamie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 23 years ago at age 28, and lives in Canada with her husband, who has type 2 diabetes.

partnersandpeers.orgClaire Blum
Claire empowers people with diabetes to actively participate in their health care through partnerships that promote trust and enhance learning.

tcoyd.orgJimm Greer
TCOYD is a nonprofit org that educates, motivates and empowers people with diabetes to take an active role in their condition.

teamwildathletics.comHeather Leide
TeamWILD is a training system for people with diabetes, type 2 or type 1, who want to get physically fit by participating in the sports of triathlon, cycling, running and/or walking.

theoddduckout-natalie.blogspot.comNatalie Sera
Natalie is interested in advocacy for all PWDs and in offering a personal voice in response to the media.

thesmartwomansguidetodiabetes.comAmy Mercer
A resource for those seeking information about the impact of diabetes on womens lives. The many personal stories lend warmth and accessibility. Blass
Allison is a twentysomething writer, amateur photographer and health activist living in Westchester, NY with her husband. Rawlings
Kelly Rawlings has had type 1 diabetes for 38 years. She advocates for the treatment, prevention, and cure of all types of diabetes.

The You Can Do This Project is a growing community ofvideos created by and for people with diabetes that provides validation, hope, and encouragement through honest talk about life with diabetes.

yourdiabetes.coChris Loughrey
Personalized diabetes coaching, education and support. Chris is a qualified diabetes coach, personal trainer and nutritionist and has been living with diabetes for over a decade. Find out how he can help you achieve any goal, from gaining stable, predictable control of your diabetes all the way to training and succeeding in your favorite sport. Dont just live with diabetes; control and conquer it!