Spare A Rose

Posted byonJanuary 21, 2015

Heres a new way to celebrate Valentines Day: Buy a dozen roses, spare the cost of one (about $5), donate to IDFsLife for a Childprogram, and save a child in need of life saving insulin. Your loved one, touched by diabetes, wouldnt mind receiving one less rose if it means saving a childs life. Flowers die, children shouldnt.

Its hard knowing that thousands of children in developing countries have no access to insulin. Life Juice, thats what we call it, insulin is our life support and we know what it feels like to miss a shot, it feels terrible. There are children going days without insulin and by changing your valentines day rituals, you can spare a rose and save a child. TheSpare A Rosecampaign begins February 1st and will be in full affect untilValentines Day, February 14th. Expand your bandwidth of love and let it reach the hearts of children across the world.