The #DOC is shedding new light on living with diabetes, in an attempt to help people without diabetes understand what living with diabetes is really like, and increase understanding and empathy, so we all can work together to raise the visibility of real life with diabetes. #WalkWithD, is a campaign designed to peel back the layers of misunderstanding and to help build those all-important bridges.

How to Participate
Share your story, and connect with your peers. Using social media as your megaphone, show what your diabetes life is really like through blog posts, photos, tweets, Facebook updates, and videos, andtag your stories with the #WalkWithD hashtag.

Gone are the days of stock photography representing diabetes social media gives us the opportunity to replace the stock photos with real faces, real stories, and real life with diabetes.Together, we can create a collage that shows people both in and outside of the diabetes community the reality of life with diabetes.

Connect with others touched by diabetes to understand their journey and to let them know that they dont walk alone