Health Policy: This Week in Washington 1/20/17

Health Policy, This Week In Washington

The Essentials:
  • Today President Trump was inaugurated, and his plans for health care still remain hazy. Last week, the Senate and House passed the budget to begin steps toward Obamacare repeal through budget reconciliation.
  • Tom Price’s confirmation hearings happened on the 18th, historically long, and included many questions about potential conflicts of interest — legislative actions he took affecting companies that either donated to him, or he held shares for. Democrats are trying to slow down the confirmation process; Republicans are for Price. Tuesday, Price will be questioned again during the Finance Committee hearing before the committee votes.
  • For those that want a deep dive, Kaiser Family Foundation created a summary of Price’s proposal to replace the ACA. They plan to add the many other proposals, since representatives are divided on a path forward. Some of the diabetes community are worried about pre-existing conditions coverage and out-of-pocket payments. We can’t focus in on one proposal just yet; representatives are spinning rhetoric more than they are aligning on a plan. Stay tuned.
  • Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) wants any repeal plan to include protections for people with pre-existing conditions. If you’d like to participate in the effort, you can visit DPAC’s action page to enter your zip code & contact your members of congress.
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved electronic continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices to be covered under the durable medical equipment (DME) category. Read more from DiabetesMine.
  • International organization T1International, working to bring down the high price of insulin, filed a class action lawsuit under the belief that insulin manufacturers had entered into a collusive agreement, defined when companies enter into a secret agreement (to raise prices together, rather than compete).

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