Aliza with Diabetes

Aliza Chana Zaleon of Aliza with Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes; November 2001

About my day to day life living with type one diabetes, while attending college and striving to lead as normal a life as possible. I also have multiple other medical problems that complicate my d-life, but Im thriving and living positively! Diabetes doesnt have me I have diabetes!

Aliza with Diabetes

Im Aliza, and Im twenty five years old! I have multiple chronic illnesses and I try not to let that define me, and rather, I decide to DEFY the odds! A year ago, I would never have imagined myself in this position and a year from now, who knows where I will be?!? I have Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes and Im on an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and I have an A1c of 5.6! I have taken on Diabetes blogging as part of my goal to help define myself and redefine myself, so please join me on this ride! My twitter is @alizachana.

I am also beginning my own non-profit organization, Bags of Love and Hope to support Adult patients in hospitals and with chronic medical problems. Ive recently been able to go back to school to begin my work on my degree so that I can start the process of getting on the track to get my combined MPH/MSW so that I can help others with chronic conditions advocate for themselves as I have done for myself. My goal is specifically to become a CDE and my concentration in my Public health degree is nutrition counseling. That is part of why Ive started this Diabetes blog. Im really passionate about what I do, and I love helping people!

I especially am passionate about making sure that young adults specifically those in high school and college take good care of their Diabetes as they are old enough to understand what Diabetes means, and how to care for themselves. Long term consequences in many cases can be prevented with proper care and control, and I am an advocate for access to the best tools available to maintain tight control!