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Your Diabetes May Vary

Bennet Dunlap of Your Diabetes May VarySon and Daughter; Type 1 Diabetes YDMV and theBetesNOW are the miscellaneous ramblings of a Type 1 Diabetic family. YDMV from a parents perspective and theBetesNOW videos by and for teens. YDMV theBetesNOW As a family with two Type 1 Diabetic teens, we try to pursue life, liberty and […]

Two amazing advocacy interviews: Peter Staley and Bennet Dunlap

Aug. 21, 2013 we hosted Peter Staley, a long-term AIDS and gay rights activist, and one of the early members of ACT Up NY. Aug. 29, 2013 we hosted Bennet Dunlap, a passionate and dedicated diabetes advocate behind theStripSafelycampaign. Join StripSafely to Help Policy Makers Hear on Accurate Diabetes Testing Maters. The FDA has acknowledged […]

Texting My Pancreas

Kim Vlasnik of Texting My PancreasType 1 Diabetes, April 1986 I write about my life with an emphasis on humor. Diabetes and hypothyroidism are best played as a team sport through support and camaraderie. Texting My Pancreas Finding the Diabetes Online Community completely changed how I look at, and care for, my Diabetes. I was […]

The Diabetic Domestic Diva

Windy Cobourne of The Diabetic Domestic DivaType 1 Diabetes, August 1988 Im a wife, Mom of two young children and a teacher trying to find balance on my lifes journey while managing my Type 1 Diabetes. I passionately believe that life with Diabetes can still be lived without limits! The Diabetic Domestic Diva I love […]

The Diabetic’s Corner Booth

Mike Hoskins of The Diabetics Corner BoothType 1 Diabetes, March 1984 The Diabetics Corner Booth is where I tell my own Diabetes story; connecting with an entire community, sharing the Highs, Lows and everything in between. The Diabetics Corner Booth Im thirty two years old and have been living with Type 1 Diabetes since March […]

Riva Greenberg

Riva Greenberg of Diabetes StoriesType 1 Diabetes, February 1972 Author, speaker and health coach helping people with diabetes create a great life notdespite butbecause of diabetes. Diabetes Stories Diabetes Stories unfolds the experiences and wisdom of living with Type 1 Diabetes 39 years. Rivas work is dedicated to helping patients flourish rather than just cope […]

Scott Benner

Scott and Arden Scott is a stay-at-home dad of two, Cole and Arden. He started writing about being the parent of a child with type I diabetes in the summer of 2007. Since then Hes folded a literal ton of laundry, wrote a few things online that seem to resonate with folks and had a […]

Six Until Me

Kerri Morrone Sparling of Six Until MeType 1 Diabetes, September 1986 Diabetes doesnt define me, but it helps explain me. Kerri Sparling writes honestly and fearlessly about real life with Type 1 Diabetes. Six Until Me Kerri Morrone Sparling has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 24 years, diagnosed just before she started […]


Kelly Close of diaTribeType 1 Diabetes Research and product news for people with Diabetes. diaTribe diaTribe is an e-newsletter for people eager to learn more about better managing Diabetes. Here at diaTribe, we attend all the conferences, read all the reports and articles and cut through the clutter to give you up-to-date news and opinion […]

Ginger Vieira

Ginger Vieira of Living In ProgressType 1 Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes & Celiac. Author Your Diabetes Science Experiment. Health Coach. Vlogger. Community Leader. Record-setting powerlifter. Living In Progress Ginger Vieira has lived with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac for 12+ years. She is a cognitive-based health coach at and prominent video blogger. The […]