Last Day of National Diabetes Month

What do you have planned? Speaking of plans what plans did you make for this month? Any ideas that came to fruition? Share with us what worked, what didnt. How can we reach more people in the US to educate them on Diabetes? Face it folks, Internationally they have this down pat the proof is in the pictures from the2011 World Diabetes Day Blue Monument Challenge.

I have to say the West Coast does Very well every year blamingManny,AmyandKelly Closefor that Huge thanks to them for what they do in California. East Coast? Youre lacking. Not the Advocates the cities, towns. NYC, what happened to the Empire State Building? You did it last year, what gives? Now the folks in Indianapolis know how to get together;Cherise,Mike H.andMike D.The Mid-West and West need to be our guides, or something. We Can Do This! Lets light up the USA next year!