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Lorraine Sisto

Lorraine Sisto is mother to three children, one of whom, Caleb is living with type 1 diabetes. Caleb was diagnosed in 2007 at the age of three. http://www.thisiscaleb.com

Jamie Naessens

Diabetes diagnosis is tough. As an adult, diabetes can mean isolation, challenge & fear. Connection is a powerful healer. http://flyingfurballs.blogspot.ca

Chris Stocker

People with diabetes can live just like everybody else, and people need to know that! http://thelifeofadiabetic.com

Scott Johnson

Living life with type 1 diabetes and telling my story. Blogger, Speaker, Writer, Advocate, Co-host for DSMA Live, & Communications Lead USA @mysugr. http://scottsdiabetes.com/

Kim Vlasnik

Founder of the You Can Do This Project; author of the blog Texting My Pancreas. Driven by storytelling; reliant on insulin and levity. http://www.youcandothisproject.comhttp://www.textingmypancreas.com

Scott Strange

I discuss not only the physical aspects of diabetes, but also the less talked about aspects that include the mental and emotional burdens that diabetes brings along for the ride. http://strangelydiabetic.com

Leighann Calentine

Providing support to parents of children with type 1 diabetes through the website D-Mom Blog and book Kids First, Diabetes Second. http://www.d-mom.com

Asha Brown

Founder and President of www.wearediabetes.org. Advocate for healthy and happy living with T1D. Strong supporter of diabulimia awareness and diabulimia prevention in the T1D community.

Sue Rafati

Advocating for better testing for LADA and all the other niggly bits about living with and managing a currently incurable disease 24/7. www.ladalife.com

Rhonda Beese

Type 1 dxd at age 21, blogger at 15wait15.com, activity coordinator for my local d-girls, volunteer, and #DOC member, supporter, & commentator. http://www.15wait15.com