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Mike Lawson

Mike Lawsons YouTube series My Life As A Pin Cushion, is a positive, comedic way for him to share some of the lessons he has learned living with diabetes and to spread the positive message that a diabetes diagnosis doesnt mean that you have to stop living. YouTube.com/MrMikeLawson

Kelly Close

Editor-in-Chief and patient advocate at diaTribe, free monthly online newsletter on research and products for people with diabetes. www.diatribe.org

Hakeem Adejumo

Hakeem is passionate about diabetes prevention and care with interest in stopping stigmatization associated with diabetes in Nigeria and Africa. He is the co-founder of the Nigeria diabetes online community an online social peer support system for people with diabetes. www.ngdoc.com

Elizabeth Basile

I advocate for individuals with diabulimia and binge-eating disorders by bringing awareness to the medical and diabetes communities. www.elizabethbasilemft.com

Elena Sainz

Diabetes Educator and PhD student researching about learning at virtual communities. Live with T1D in Mexico. www.educadies.com

Beatriz Dominguez

Bea Dominguez has lived with type 2 diabetes since April 2001. She is an active member of the diabetes online community who makes part of the advisory boards for DSMA and the Diabetes Hands Foundation. In addition, Bea co-hosts the DSMA en Vivo internet radio show dedicated to the Hispanic community living with diabetes. She […]

Richard Vaughn

To inspire fellow diabetics and the parents of diabetic children, to give them hope for the future. To give support and help with their problems. To review diabetes in the past and the present, and encourage good control. http://almo0157.blogspot.com/

Bennet Dunlap

StripSafely A Campaign for Accurate Diabetes Testing. Learn and Join the team. www.StripSafely.com

Rich Nagle

Rich the Diabetic brings his geeky perspective to life with diabetes through his blog and social networks. http://www.richthediabetic.com

Mike Durbin

Mike Durbin, 29, lives with Type 2 Diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure. He shares his experiences with both at www.mydiabeticheart.com.