What is a “Diabetes Advocate”?

What is an advocate? Hint: anyone, anywhere.

Diabetes advocates see a problem in the diabetes space, and use their existing resources to help create a solution. We are passionate visionaries, disruptors, and change-makers. Anyone. Any experience level. Anywhere.

The Lobbyist
The E-patient
The Legal Guru
The Social Entrepreneur
The Story Teller
The Community Organizer
The Policy Influencer
The Career Advocate
The ?????
Diabetes Advocates are everywhere.
Diabetes Advocates are limitless.
How will you advocate?

4 thoughts on “What is a “Diabetes Advocate”?

  1. Donna Chandler on said:

    Glad I found you. Diagnosed today T2. Lost son at 19 with T1.
    Looking forward to being part of a cure and spreading awareness. Ready to advocate.

    • Mandy Jones on said:

      We’re glad you found us too! Where do you live? For now, consider making a profile on tudiabetes.org to connect with others and get answers to any questions you may have – the community is a fantastic support. And happy to hear you’re ready to advocate too!

  2. This is a very awesome online resource which has really touched me, the information shared here is really perfect and I should believe will definitely touch the hearts of all diabetic people who will come across it.

    Please continue with this precious work which you are sharing here. The discussion forum tudiabetes which you suggested is a very interesting platform on which diabetes people of the world can meet and share information regarding so many issues offcourse including experiences of each and every member.

    Again thanks for the share,


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