What is a “Diabetes Advocate”?

Diabetes advocates see a problem in the diabetes space, and use their existing resources to help create a solution. We are passionate visionaries, disruptors, and change-makers. Anyone. Any experience level. Anywhere.

The LobbyistIs passionate about making sure the voice of people with diabetes is heard, by contracting representatives about a bill, budget, or other legislation. The E-patientIs an empowered patient that uses the internet as a tool, communicates with healthcare teams, and makes informed decisions for improved health. The Legal GuruFights to ensure fair accommodations are given at school (ie. 504 plan), at work (ie. appropriate breaks), or through insurance (ie. submitting appeals). The Social EntrepreneurBlends their passion for diabetes with their sense for business, innovation, or start ups designing a solution for people with diabetes. The Story TellerLoves to paint a picture of life with diabetes to bring awareness and combat sigma through social media, blogging, art, or public speaking. The Community OrganizerIs a leader in their locale that helps gather groups for emotional support, fundraising, education, etc. The Policy InfluencerWants to make a change on a macro-level by working with stakeholders, researchers, and policy-making committees.The Career AdvocateUses their role as a healthcare provider, non-profit leader, researcher, professional, etc. to speak up for positive change in the diabetes space. The ?????The world is constantly evolving. New ways to advocate are springing up daily.

Diabetes Advocates are everywhere.
Diabetes Advocates are limitless.
How will you advocate?