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Meet the Fellows

Diabetes Hands Foundation and Diabetes Advocates are excited to welcome our 2017 Cohort of Fellows for MasterLab Leadership Institute, an intensive weekend to advance leaders and their visions to improve life with diabetes. We had an overwhelmingly positive application response: over 100 applicants, from over 13 countries. We assessed projects on the innovation in idea, […]

What is a “Diabetes Advocate”?

Diabetes advocates see a problem in the diabetes space, and use their existing resources to help create a solution. We are passionate visionaries, disruptors, and change-makers. Anyone. Any experience level. Anywhere. The LobbyistIs passionate about making sure the voice of people with diabetes is heard, by contracting representatives about a bill, budget, or other legislation. […]

How accurate are your diabetes test strips and glucose monitors? Last month, we asked people with diabetes toshare what they payfor their test strips. Its part of our ongoing#PriceCheck collaboration. Weve heard that the cost of test strips can vary greatly. Weve also heard that these test strips and the blood glucose monitors theyre used with can provide inaccurate data. As weve dug into […]

The new doctor: the patient

Reposted from by Riva Greenburg As the number of people with diabetes continues its astonishing risefrom 26 to nearly30 millionand inpre diabetes from 79 to 86 million the number of endocrinologists who specialize in their treatment remains flat. There are roughly only 5,000 endocrinologists and 19,000 diabetes educators across the country today.How are we going […]

Diabetes Advocates Conference Scholarships

The Diabetes Advocates is proud to announce that we are offering scholarships to some of our program members to attend diabetes conferences this summer thanks to the generous support of Novo Nordisk. The list includes many long-time advocates and some newer advocates alike. Congratulations to all of the scholarship winners and we hope you have […]

Michael Hoskins

Longtime Type 1 sharing my own story and doing diabetes journalism, advocating online and offline to connect the dots within our D-Community.

Amy Tenderich

DiabetesMine is more than a publication; we are patient advocates, working to help improve the tools and care available to make life with diabetes better. From 2008-2011, the DiabetesMine Design Challenge made a significant contribution towards fostering better tools for patient care raising public awareness and generating excitement among medical device and mobile health designers […]

Sarah Knotts

I am a diabetes blogger, I try to support others in the online community and I try to spread awareness to others.

Scott Strumello

A pioneer of sorts, having started one of the earliest diabetes blogs back in 2005 and has continued since that time. A vocal advocate for all people with diabetes, Scott has pushed for transparency among doctors and actual patient representation with the FDA.

Merle Gleeson

Educates, supports and empowers people touched with type 1 diabetes.